Blacksburg, VA

The stage was set for a clash of offensive Titans. The sky was overcast, the wind was blowing, Micheal Vick was dressed up for his Heisman Canadate comming out party, and Georgia Tech was prepared to kill-or-be-killed in an amazing blitzkreig of offensive oneupsmanship.

Unfortunately for college football fans, God had other plans as referee Dan Blum ran into the middle of the field and waved the players into the locker room, replacing their game-faces with their "Aw Geepers" faces. Instead, Providence unleashed an electrical magic show, completely clearing referee Dan Blum of any accusations of not respecting the tradition of weather irrelevant football, as several minutes after the original delay, a car parked outside Lane Stadium was struck by lightning and subsequently exploded.

After an hour of delay and the apparence of a new cell in the offending weather system, VA Tech Athletic Director Jim Weaver called the whole thing off, saying that there is another round of storms more severe than those that caused the first delay, and that the game was postponed, but may be rescheduled in december.

Expected then only to be repeated in the event of a BCS Rankings crisis of heroic device porportions, this is the best possible outcome VA Tech could have hoped for, espically since they have no playoff. Should GA Tech not get pasted to the flypaper in the regular season, VA Tech has a free Ranking pumper in their back pocket, and should GA Tech fall into the firey pits of the ACC, VA Tech will not have to worry about having 28 points too few to help them overcome their mathematical BCS comprehension defencies, which absoloutely no one outside the realm of scholarly mathematicians will touch with an eighty foot slide rule. Seriously though, put away your Mathematica in a vain attempt to understand the ramifacations of each touchdown VA Tech might or might not have needed against GA Tech tonight. I'll explain it in less than a paragraph:

Everything you do counts. Win big, lose small, the metagame is important. When playing any team you play their entire schedule, a showing against that team is a showing against their schedule on a ratio based on their preformance over a season and your preformance over a day, show no mercy. Nothing is irrelevant, ever.

Thus, VA Tech now has greater control over their own destiny. A heroic device in their backpocket, a game against a team that they can choose to play or not to play. Granted, this heroic device has a value much like the way a stock has value based on preformance of it's company. But hokie fans had better have a little hope for the Yellow Jackets, just in case they don't get a savior from colorado this time around.