Thank god!

Majette to 4th district: "I will not embarass you."

The most brilliant campaign slogan anyone could possibly hope to have in a general election against what will most likely be a shadow of a Republican opponent. As a Republican living in the fourth district I am overjoyed to find that McKinney will no longer be representing me in congress. I use to like McKinney despite my being a Republican, but as election day drew closer and closer, it really became impossible to vote for her unless you happened to hate Jews.

The night before the election I got a nice message on my phone machine telling me that it was illegal to try and vote in the Democratic primary without the proper documentation, and that the agents of the state would be watching for me! (Documentation required: Drivers License, agents of the state: Elderly.) So, obviously, as the (failed) intimidation requested, I didn't try to vote in the primary without the proper documentation.

In addition to the message, Cynthia McKinney father decided to complain about how Denise Majette was bought out by, who else? Jewish! Louis Farra-wrath-of-khan was also out there to rally the Islamic vote, which backfired and made the Jewish vote really motivated to vote for Majette.

Simply, McKinney got really, really, really scary!

People are making a big deal about the crossover vote from Republicans who voted in the Democratic primary, but I think they are mistaken. I admit that there were exactly zero people voting in the Republican booths while I was at the polling place, but i've never seen very many Republians in the fourth district, in fact, i'm the only one I know of. There isn't actually any registration to keep track of who is a republican and who isn't, we have open primaries. This probably made it appear as if a lot of the democratic crossover vote in the 2000 election cycle for John McCain were really normal Republican votes, creating an illusion of crossover. (Of course, there were very few democrats to vote for in the 2000 primary unless you happened to know one. The GOP vote for president was more important. By the same token, there weren't any races to vote for in the Republican primary this time any voter could name off the top of his or her head, except maybe the Governor's race, but Georgia hasn't had a Republican governor since reconstruction.)

As is always the case in a Georgia election, voters placed their chips where they cared to put them, and if you have to vote democratic to elect a Republican just because voting D is often a force of habit here on state levels, thats just what we do.