I decided to start noding again, I don't really know why. I don't have much time to node. I'm taking several AP classes, in fact, i'm taking all AP classes. Literature, Government, Chemistry, and Calculus. It's hard stuff. Anyway before I start outright noding again I want to understand grammar but it doesn't make sense!

What the hell is a subordinating conjunction? It's something that can't stand on it's own. However, according to Hodges' Harbrace, the following sentences in bold are independent clauses:

The boy chased the dog, but he couldn't catch him.

It seems like they just threw out but in order to make it an independent clause. The more I try to learn grammar, the more I become convinced it doesn't really have a basis in actual writing.

In other news I cast my first ballot today. I cast a no-vote against Cynthia McKinney(sp?) in favor of Denise Majette. The night previous someone tried to threaten me out of voting Democrat even though i'm a Republican with a silly pre-recorded telephone message saying that it was illegal and that I might go to jail if I tried to vote in the Democratic Primary and that the police would be watching me tommorow. Since this was simple lies and intimidation, it forced me to vote in the democratic primary against McKinney. I hope that idiot loses by a landslide!

If you can cast any light on my problems with subordinate clauses, feel free to email me at shanoyu@mindspring.com