Oh my, hello. How are you today? I'm doing okay. It's been a while since we last talked. I'm glad we got this opportunity to meet again. There are many things I could tell you. First, the short version.

My life is a drama for which neither God nor Shakesphere would think fit to print, yet lifetime would make it a movie of the week. Now, the long version.

When we last spoke I found that the world was a bitter place filled with evil and demons, all out to get me. I attempted suicide a few times, all with shoddy results, probably due to the fact that I wasn't thinking straight, at all. After one of these episodes had me jumping off the top of an apartment building (Two stories.) with an umbrella, so as to prevent skin cancer, someone thought to check my thyroid levels. (No, i'm not kidding) Apparently, my body is almost completely uncapable of creating the levels of thyroid required for a happy, healthy, and long life. Thankfully, thyroid is one of those hormones you can just get in a pill. As it turns out, something like one in six Americans have a thyroid problem. Thyroid problems often lead to things such as mental disease. If your family has a history of low thyroid, do yourself a favor and get tested. Seriously.

That isn't to say everything went hunky dory. My best friend decided that I was essentially worthless, and not worth his time. He thought that I was a violent, destructive person who threw temper tantrums quite often. Probably true. It helped that I was pissed that A) I didn't get to go to a college I wanted to go to, B) Nobody wanted to go anywhere on spring break with me. So as people often do, he threw me away. Which I suppose is just an accelerated way of not seeing him after I go to college. Kind of a shame that he wont talk to me again until I somehow prove myself to him using AIM or something.

Orientation at UGA went okay. It turns out i'm somehow entering with 38 out of 120 credits required to graduate, which is pretty nifty. It was sort of disheartening to see the vast majority of my hall leave on the first night of orientation and show up the next morning drunk. Oh well, so i'll be Valedictorian. Big deal.

Overall, i'm a lot happier. I'm still not a very good writer, but I think i'm getting better every day. I have a sense of time, which is great. You have no idea how wonderful a sense of time feels until you lose it, just a sort of general idea about what yesterday and tommorow gives me an anchor to my life that I probably would have a hard time living without.

I do most of my daylogging using livejournal now, username same there as here. I'm trying to engage in a sort of random poetry exercise there. The basics: First, I find a raneom livejournal using random.bml. Then I look and see if the livejournal i've gotten is written in english and worth my time. Finally, I have a rule. All comments are written in verse, or perhaps prose poetry if I can muster the strength to pretend creating it. It's great fun, really.

Will I start noding again? I dunno. I might, I might not. It's sort of neat having people you don't know come out of nowhere and treat you like a minor celebrity because of "do not have sex with horses. seriously, don't." Damn. I should have rode that gravy train to Harvard. Oh well.

My experiences have also taught me a lot about people and what exceptions to the rule make a great person. But I think that when it comes down to any problem you have, in the end you have to rely on yourself. I find that I just have to try to forget many things i've done, or regret doing, and just move forward. In the final analysis, the world is a trap of cliches we cannot escape. You just have to be happy with who you are, or you'll never be anyone to yourself.