I got .hack to try and sedate me for 24 hours or so. I've played through about 12 hours now and watched the DVD. The DVD got to me more than a little. Espically the part where the girl's mother breaks her Violin because she only wants to do it as a hobby. Typical worthless parents.

I got my final rejection letter today from Princeton. After you've read one rejection letter you've really read them all, but they tried hard to out do everyone with something so apologetic it fails on every level to comfort you in anyway. Another way of writing it could have been:

Dear Applicant,

It's not so much that you aren't a good student, it's just that you're worse than all of the students we DO accept, which really when you think about it is a VERY LARGE NUMBER, so don't think we're out there trying to hurt people, what we're really trying to do is help the strivers who can be helped, and you're not one of them, sorry.