Fuck it! Damn straight!

A saying which will one day be as embraced as Carpe Diem. It's really the exact same thought, except that the fuck it inside tells you to not deal with the stupid bullshit in life and to instead fill your life with more interesting things, like porn.

Indeed this whole not really caring thing has set me free of a lot of things. I plan to say the following to my grandparents after they tell me I should be glad I didn't get into a northern aristocracy of a school etc.

Excuse me, but I really don't give a damn what you think. Because of you people I know it's not my job to have children because it's not my job to fuck someone up on a close, personal level. Quite frankly you are worthless. You don't need me to be happy so forget me. Enjoy your satelitte television so you can watch the golf channel you could see on cable anyway while you go "Gosh, that Tiger Woods sure isn't so Black for a Black guy!"

Oh, excuse me, i'm sure you meant that in a good way. Just like you had my fathers interests in mind when you beat the crap out of him for picking up a book. I don't want to hear the heart wrenching story of how you learned to trust him with silverware, but i'm sure it's touching. Now if you'll excuse me i'm going to go talk with people I want to hurt less.

Seriously, it's fun to cause assholes pain. Try it!