Hi, i'm Shanoyu, i'm a huge asshole, and i'm incredibly happy.

Hours upon MINUTES of preparing for prom left me far too formal for my taste, but I was in good company. Her father drove us upon strict orders to take a picture. Her hair was nice. She smelled nice. I wanted to bite her ear. In Antarctica, this is a term of endearment. We went to a nice resturant in Toco Hills called Spice. We had a pancake like appetizer and I had some spicy beef. We talked about science fiction novels. Discworld, Ender's Run, the classics of a generation, you know. I couldn't help being distracted and blundering my words, using incorrect sentance structure and mispelling things, even as I think of her, because she is a strict grammarian and it puts me under pressure to perform the feats of the english language, leaving me with such gems as "They kill you lamb" or "We no walk to bathroom", which is sad, because English is, in fact, my native language.

But she forgives my sins against the english language and promises not to tell anyone. We go to prom and there is no dancing because we are white and the floor is for black people, not because the white kids don't want to dance with the black kids, but because the black kids have culture and white kids are too cool and apathetic for that and things like dancing. I reflected on how it was kind of sad how the school is practically segregated within itself. The prom is better without dancing anyway. The music was not made for us anyway. We are incapable of 'getting up getting up and getting down', followed by strenuous 'jump, jump, jumping', unless it's Dance Dance Revolution, which is not really dancing but stepping on colored lights.

I still wanted to bite her ear or better yet kiss her, so we just sat around and talked with our friends and we realised as many do that school functions suck as always but sometimes the people don't and that is the point, even if they try to keep you from saying anything stupid by making the music so loud that anything audible you say is heard by everyone in the hall. But that is okay because we were far enough away to live with it and we sat and talked and we left and we kissed and we were happy because at least the night was not so dark and did not seem so cold.