The University of Georgia is a weird place. They sent me a rejection letter. Then they sent me an acceptance letter. Then on the website I was deferred. So I called them up today. I explained the situation and the admissions officer was more or less uncooperative at first; they can't give admissions decisions over the phone. But I finally got him to admit that I was essentially in. There isn't a mechanism for unaccepting someone apparently.

Okay, so I go here for a year and transfer. That's not so bad. I'll just sort of keep my head down and hopefully I wont run into too many people I'll have a conflict with. Sort of hard in a booze culture though.

Oh, and kfx would like you to know something. He's scary!

My various responses:

Infinite Burn: Yes.
kfx: Not really.
cz: Why yes, the Gameboy SP is nifty.
dem_bones: I hope so. Tuna doesn't work so well!
The masses: Yeah, i'm pretty volatile, and I don't mind being so.

Curosity killed the cat, but it gave the lion a meal.
But what does 1926 have to do with YOU?