Mission Records is a small record store on Mission Street in San Francisco, California. More importantly, it is a vital music venue in the SF Bay Area scene. Every weekend, Mission Records has a Sunday show at 4:00 PM, and often friday and saturday shows. Admission is 5 dollars. Local punk and hardcore bands, as well as touring bands comprise the bill. The venue is often played as an alternate or in addition to 924 Gilman in Berkeley. The record store is owned and operated by active participants in the local scene.

The actual performance area is a tiny backroom. The "stage"(really just a raised floor, maybe 1 foot off the ground) area takes up a decent portion of the room, leaving room for maybe 75-100 people (uncomfortably). Because some Mission Records shows attract many more people than this, the room often becomes extremely hot and humid. In addition, smoking is allowed inside, so it can be quite a cramped environment. The PA system is crude, the electricity is notoriously fickle, and shows never start on time. All this is a fair trade though, if you consider the intimacy allowed by such a small club. Amazing performances take place at Mission Records in front of tiny crowds all the time.