Shak's Strange Recipe for Slightly Sweet Completely Instant Iced Tea



First I fill my 2 Quart Pot reasonably full with the 2 Quarts of Water, and set it to boil. While I wait for that, I take my 1 Gallon Pitcher And put the Quarter Gallon of Ice inside. Now, I go do something, probably Everything2 related, while I wait for the boiling to begin. After I hear bubbling, I go in and watch over it, let itself get good and going. Then I turn off the gas and plop in my 2 Tea Bags. Now, I don't just let them sit and steep, I go in there with the Table Spoon and stir them around for a minute or two, until the water is nice and brown and the spoon is hard to see. Push the bags up against the side of the pot once or twice to. After the minute or two, take the tea bags out. Now, holding the pot and pitcher over the sink as strongly suggested by my mother, I pour the pot into the pitcher. Being careful not to let the flow run down the sides of the pitcher, but straight down into the ice, running down the pitcher walls somehow detracts from tastiness. Now, as the ice crinks and crackles as it battles with the hot, fast moving invader of its icy lands, pour in the 1 Cup of Sugar and stir vigorously with the 1 Long Spoon. Success! Iced Tea is available!

Suggested Uses for Iced Tea: