Reality is simply what makes up the world you live in. Be that the online world of the internet or the general chaos of everyday life.

People frequently try to define reality as being something you can physically interact with. I disagree, and the longer I spend online the more I disagree. Something imaginary wont cause the level of emotion you see frequently online. Things can only become as real as you allow them to become however.

For me, alot of the friendships I made on the net are as real as any i've made outside of the net. Frequently they carry over into `mundane life' meetings and friendships. Hell, I met my previous significant other in a chat room on a bbs. I suppose 10 years of using the internet and the multiple years before that using bbss have influenced my views somewhat (300 baud modem anyone?). I highly suspect that as we pass into the future and virtual reality advances the fine line between reality and online for many people will disappear.

Is this a good thing?

Time will tell.