Well, I'll give my take:

  • Who knows? The more important question is: "Would he feel any differently if the victim was not a police officer?"
  • The officer was harrassing someone who was causing no danger to anyone else, and furthermore, he didn't give the surgeon a chance to explain. I think that makes it pretty clear.
  • No, but the officer should be punished. I would suggest firing him and preventing him from ever being bonded (that way he can't work as a private security guard).
  • I disagree with monitary fines for traffic violations. First off, they don't work, and they don't punish people equally ($100 is worth more to someone making $20000/year than it is to someone making $40000/year). Secondly, they provide an incentive to governmental bodies to pass them out, as they're a source of revenue. Also, police forces should be treated as what they are, military units. There should be dishonorable discharge/military prison for those that step out of line.