Well today is the day that my car is to be assessed. It got smashed by a dickhead. We told the place that it got towed to that when the assessor got there to call us so that we could be there. I get a call this morning by the assessor saying he has just assessed the car. Great!. So much for us being there and being notified!. The assessor assessed my car and said it was worth $2,400 AU, minus the damage that was already there which takes it to $1,700 and minus other stuff which brings it down to $1,400, which means he is offering that much and we get to keep the car, what the fuck are we supposed to do with $1,400 bucks!! I can't even buy another car exactly like mine NOR fix the car I’ve got and be a little out of pocket for that much. So we're disputing that the car is worth a fucking hell of a lot more than that. Especially considering that the value of a 1985 gemini like mine to buy is at least worth $4, 000 AND such cars would have more km done on the meter and in worse condition than mine, therefore mine is fucking worth a hell of a lot more than fucking $1,400.

Today we also went to get my car back towed here, its costing us $315 which I may have to use my credit card at a ATM because they only accept cash, damn parents don’t use cards and banks aren’t open. The cost of the towing we're supposed to EVENTUALLY get back from their insurance. I was advised by my solicitor to send a fax to their insurance company indicating that we’re not happy ( NOT HAPPY JAN; famous advertisement quote on telly in Australia that people say when they’re not happy) with their offer, that we want a second opinion and that my car is worth more because if I had to buy another car exactly like mine it would cost $4,000 plus it would not have a new muffler like mine does, it wouldn't have a stereo like mine does, it wouldn't have a new alternator like mine does, it wouldn't have an alarm like mine does and it may not have a working air con - like mine did and it wouldn’t have a good engine with low km as mine DOES! If their insurance refuses to give us an acceptable offer , we have to make a claim through our insurance and let the two insurance companies fight amongst themselves, in the mean time, my car will be left in my street, useless and all my friends will be 21st before I will be driving again.

*feels like crying*

How can this happen to me, why do I have to suffer consequences when it wasn’t even my fault. Further more I have exams to study for that I’ll be lucky to pass. The fuck wit that won’t pay for a new monitor when they sold me a shit one that is still under warranty still hasn't gotten back to me with any money yet to get a new screen.

My mums old screen also blew up and even though there is a swap meet near by on the weekend I haven’t had a chance to study yet so I should probably use that time and I would rather go with my boyfriend, just he and I but mum wants to tag along, and the value of seeing my boyfriend even though we hardly see each other now that I don’t have a car is dramatically reduced if my mum is around.

I got a quote on the damage of my car, around $5,000 + , of course there are a lot of things that are not necessary to the running of the vehicle and are just cosmetics but that means I would be driving around a slightly more dinted car than before! If we had at least $3,000 we could have the option of trying to fix my car enough to make it run, or go looking for a new one like mine but then there is the risk of not knowing exactly what we’re buying and some time down the track find that there are major problems.

Somehow however I don’t see the assessor valuing my car from $1,400 to $3,000!.

By the time the insurance companies fight it out there would probably not be as many or no good cars like mine on the market. Making the situation even more depressing.

* really feels like crying *

I hate being a passenger, and I hate not being able to drive!

*goes to go sulk in her room*