Well I’ve had a shit weekend. On Saturday night on my way to by bf’s house a fuck wit smashed into my car, he was either distracted or just not looking where he was going. It seems so unbelievable because I was on a highway with three lanes and I saw no cars near me at the time, he said that he was in the middle lane and changing lanes and just didn’t see me. Bull shit, the damage done to my car the witness ( I had a witness who saw everything and told me what happened) said that the guy came in from the side, hit me with the front of his car, smashed my side door, my front panel, my lights, my drive shaft so that the car had to be towed. He must have been going fast to have done that much damage, it is a write off. This is such a inconvenience, I have exams to go to and places to go, I can’t live without my car, further more I already have enough troubles on my plate with still trying to get the computer company that I brought my computer off to pay for a new monitor since the less than 3 yr old monitor I had that is still under warranty blew up and is unrepairable. I can’t believe how much bad luck I’ve been having. It seems never ending, and I have my 21st birthday parties yet still to organise. God knows what other disasters are on my way.

The only good thing so far was that I had a bf to call up after the accident make me feel better, I spent the weekend with him, we had such a great bonking session but unfortunately had to take public transport back the next morning. I don’t know how I’m going to survive. I can’t find any car rentals that would allow me to rent because I’m under 21, BY LESS THAN ONE MONTH!!!!. I have nothing on my licence, no speeding fines, nothing!!! I can get my full licence now but I have no way of going to VIC ROADS. My parents are shit heads at the moment and won’t let me use their cars, especially not to see my bf over the weekend and there is no public transport on the weekend or late at night in order for me to get there or for him to get here. The only good luck I’ve had this year was finding him.

I would like to listen to ‘The Sharp’ music but my cd player is fucked and I don’t have the other cd of ‘The Sharp’ because the place my bf got it from for me forgot to put the cd in the cd case! So he has to go back there some time to get it. I was thinking of getting a cd player stereo for my car but that’s pointless because I don’t fucking have a car to put one in, not that I could afford it anyways. I’m missing my hands free set for my mobile phone (it was in my car when it got towed Saturday night, but not in there when I inspected the cost of the damage this Monday morning) so that’s another thing I have to buy again. I still have to go shopping, but I can’t, I can’t fucking go anywhere!!!.

I am not in a good mood, and I am not having a good day. Fucking internet wasn’t working cause my isp went down. I still have to pay my mobile phone bill and make an appointment at the doctors. I wish the fuck wit that hit me will get a fine and a loss of licence or something from the police because idiots like that should not even have their licence. I called them up about if they have made a claim from their insurance yet, they hadn’t, so I have to wait until they do. They don’t seem to be too stressed about it, why should they, it is not their car that is a write off, they are not at an inconvenience when the fuck wits car is still drivable.

I need to start doing studying, and eat something. I can’t wait for tonight, a friend organised to go out to dinner to cheer me up. Plus I get to see my gorgeous one.