Well today I haven't done much, I stayed over at my boyfriend's house last night because I had an exam this morning for Abnormal Psychology. It was okay, it wasn't as hard as expected. I actually knew some of the answers instead of having to guess them. It was a multiple choice exam. After I got home I came on here and found my Depression is Universal node to be cooled for the third time. Which is cool. I found that out of all my nodes there was only one that was on a -1 total reputation (-2 now) and after a while, it started to bug me that I only had one shit node, so what do I do? I go about improving it!. Unfortunately I go about it the wrong way! I made the mistake of asking people in the chatbox for feedback on what I can do to improve the node. Of course this is considered nodevertising and instead of giving me feedback on what to do to fix what was wrong with the node, the node just got downvoted more.

However there were nice people like Abiessuand Error404 and another cool person that helped me the most but can’t remember their nick (sorry, I think it starts with a ‘w’ and has a ‘p’ and a ‘u’ and perhaps a ‘t’ at the end?) who told me of my wrong doings and gave good recommendations that I took into account with the update that I did. It was suggested that next time I should ask someone to look at it instead of nodevertising in the chatbox. I'm a bit apprehensive to do this, just messaging some one out of the blue and asking them to look at my node and give me feedback. I tried it anyway, I got some help, but I really couldn't think of anything else I could do to the node to improve it, all I need now is for it to be exposed. With nothing else left to do, I left E2 to drive around my suburb handing out invitations to friends for my birthday party,went to the library to borrow James Patterson books for my boyfriend to read, went and got some sushi to eat for lunch, made a bet on the Melbourne Cup which is a horse racing tradition, ummm what else did I do? I had a pretty relaxed day, considering it is the last day of the exams, and I've basically finished my University course, I only have holidays to look forward to, FUN! FUN! FUN!

I finally made my way home to read a James Patterson book until it was time for me to pick up my boyfriend after he finishes work, we get to go to his place and have fun. So now, I'm on here, typing this, waiting for dinner to be ready and making a vain attempt to attract more attention to that node that is bugging me!

If people didn’t pick up the pipelinks the node I’m referring to is Scratch My Back.