We've been together now for over a year and a half, and when I said this to a person at work, they couldn't believe it! They said they get bored and dates three different people at once in a week. They asked how do I find things to talk about for a year and a half? I just laughed it off at the time, but later I started thinking, what have we been talking about for a year and half?

I came to realise that when we were first together, we agreed on a lot of issues, but as time goes by, I found we started disagreeing on a lot of issues. It wasn't really disagreeing but rather acknowledging our different points of view, and although for some relationships, it would be the begining of the end, for us, I can see how it helps us interested in each other, we compliment each other.

We learn from each other, we find out more things about each other.

The talks and discussions we have are great, it's what you expect from a best friend. Deep, interesting, involving, educating conversation. I can't believe how lucky I am to have this type of conversation with the man I love. The topics we talk about are new and informing, I realised that if we had continued to agree on everything, we would be a boring couple, who bored each other. I'm not saying this is the case for everyone, but it is just what I think would have been the case for my partner and I.

I love my man's brain, I love how I can pick at it, that I can ask him questions about all sorts of things, that I don't understand or know about, and he can explain things to me. I love how when we discuss an issue that has been brought up from something we've seen or read, we can talk for hours, sometimes just getting our definitions about stuff right.

I love it
I love him
I'm so lucky and happy to have him
I love how I have a smart guy to challenge ideas with.

we really should get over our laziness though

Family can be so cruel and mean sometimes. I have brothers and sisters all over the age of 35 with their own children, whom of course are my nephews and nieces, I have 9 of them, all under the age of 7.

Last night they wanted to use my monopoly game, to which I wouldn't allow them because they are too young, they've ruined all my other games and I wanted to keep at least one game safe. But no, they couldn't accept that decision, they nagged and begged until they're parents, my brothers and siters, decided to resort to their own childrens actions by pulling apart a jigsaw puzzle I had put together with my boyfriend, and stealing tickets to a concert, claiming they will give my stuff back if I let their children use (and ruin) MY game.

Then when I scream and yell at their children and them to leave me alone, they have the nerve to question my maturity level?

My family suck.
All I want is respect, for me and my property, they tell me I have to have respect for them first, what? and to do that I have to allow their children to ruin my stuff? They don't realise respect is a two way street! Is that too much to ask?