Well finally my life seems to be getting better. Since late october I’ve been having bad luck continuously. First my computer monitor blew up, then the spare one I was using blew up, all to which you can read about the legal difficulty I’ve been having to get the monitor fixed, in detail I think, in my October day logs.

If you’ve read those day logs you would have read about how my car was smashed, since then I had been using my Dad’s shit car, to which got stolen! Just a few days from my birthday. More of what happened with the stolen car experience can be found in my boyfriend’s November 19, 2001 day log. We eventually got the car back and running, of course we would, it is such a shit car, it was a surprise that anyone was stupid enough to steal it. They didn’t get far, it broke down not even 2 km away.

For those that are interested, the issue with my computer monitor is STILL not resolved completely yet.

For the past few months, you can see why I haven’t been completely happy go lucky, in fact, I’ve been quite depressed about these events happening to me sequentially. I was told by someone that I should ‘walk it off’ , that I’m lucky to have a computer (with no monitor), a car (that’s smashed almost beyond repair), insurance (that do shit all to help) and a boyfriend (who actually is absolutely great that I can be happy about). Well okay yes, they have the point that there are people who are less fortunate than me, but should that excuse and justify my depressive feelings as unimportant, as meaningless, as pathetic? Anyone whose read Depression is Universal would agree that people who are fortunate also get sad!

I had my birthday parties, a family one and a friends one. The family one was completely humiliating, embarrassing and degrading. It was boring as hell. A totally woggy affair, with woggy music, bad food, unsociable, unkind relatives who stare, laugh, and insult you. The friends party went surprisingly well. It was everything I could hope for, people really just sitting around getting to know each other without making a fool of themselves due to alcohol.
Some time later I got my damaged car back, it looks okay. It is so strange to drive, it has been over a month, the clutch is extremely loose, the brakes are fantastic, the stereo sucks and the wiring looks fucked. It steers well except that it seems it needs a wheel alignment because it swerves towards the right when you keep the steering wheel straight. I’m just happy to get my beloved car back, it gets me from A to B, I’m happy.

I got my University results back, I passed everything, even did well considering. This week I’ll be going to see someone about studying hypnotheapy.

Finally things are getting better, I hope it lasts as long as the period of time that I was having a lot of bad luck. Perhaps even longer would be good, if I’m lucky :0)