The Maine accent is one that is hard to define. It can range from something very similar to French in the northern parts of Maine to something similar to a Boston accent in areas around the New Hampshire border.

Along with the accent, Maine contains its own set of verbs and adjectives and nouns to describe life. Terms like "Digger"(pronounced dig-gah) describe falling down. "Wicked Digger"(wicked dig-gah) describes falling down hard. "Right out straight" describes being really busy, as in, "Jesus bub, I've been right out straight all day."

There are too many to list but some other notable terms include "Governor" (pronounced Gov-nah) who is anyone one you are talking to at that point in time. Usually is someone who just helped you out in some way, "Thanks for the lift, govnah." Also "'Taint likely" is used when you are telling someone that you are pretty sure something will not happen, as in, "The weather man says its going to be warm tomorrow...'taint likely."