A British band. They have a rather unique sound, so it's not easy to compare them to any established band. Very large in Britain, but very much under the radar here in the US.
The band was originally a trio, consisiting of Gaz Coombes (vocals), Danny Goffey (Drums), and Mick Quinn (bass). They later added Gaz's brother Bob to be their keyboardist.


Singles include: Alright, Sun Hits the Sky, We Still Need More, Some Girls are Bigger than Others

Third major release from the British Rock band of the same name.

  1. Moving
  2. Your Love
  3. What Went Wrong (In Your Head) ?
  4. Beautiful People
  5. Shotover Hill
  6. Eon
  7. Mary
  8. Jesus Came from Outta Space
  9. Pumping on Your Stereo
  10. Born Again
  11. Faraway
  12. Mama & Papa