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It's been a while since I've noded. Some of it is from a lack of motivation, some from being busy, some from laziness.

I've begun my second year at RIT recently. With the school season is the loss of a great majority of the people I hung out with. I'm left to scramble and find people every weekend, as a few of them have remained at local colleges, just in the dorms. Here's a quick run-down of some of the new stuff that's happened:

  • I got a palm reading done by a friend of a friend, while at work, about 3 weeks ago. For future reference, I will marry within 4 years, have 3 children (first is a boy), be wealthy, change my profession to that of public service in ten years, and die young of a genetic disease within my family. Generally I am a skeptical person, but somehow this reading really struck me. I actually believe it, and that frightens me. Oh yeah, I know my future wife already.... so who is it?!
  • Psycho ex (see a broken heart never heals, et al.) and I have spoken a few times. She now goes to my college. We've finally talked a little about some of the stuff thats happened in the past. She still thinks that some day we'll be close again, possibly see one another again down the road. I strongly doubt that, I can't trust her at all and we're alternating between friends and enemies every other time we speak. I visited her tonight at her dorm when a few of our shared friends wanted to go see her. We didn't really speak much, and we just sat around. Her first boyfriend came over and picked her up, so we had to leave early. I imagine he wasn't too happy about my being there. Oh well. I still am nuts about her, even though I can't show it, but he can have her. She's lies, cheats, and does anything else you can imagine that pisses me off.
  • My confidant, that is, my cousin left for college in Buffalo. She should be home every weekend, but I'll have to compete with her boyfriend for time with her. I dunno what I'm gonna do if I can't talk to her on a regular basis.
  • Wicca. A belief I don't necessarily hold, however I'm gonna try something out. The friend at work (who has the palm reading friend) is Wiccan and has convinced me to try and cast a "spell". She's casting one for short-term love for me, and I'm gonna do one for inspiration/creativity in the hopes of writing a good song. It can't hurt, so why not? I'll just have to do it when my parents aren't around, because they'll be a bit nosy.