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It's been nearly a month since my last entry. A lot has happened since then, but I never stopped to node it because I felt some of it was too personal even for an anonymous pseudonym. So instead of sharing details coinciding with dates, I'll give a quick overview of the last few weeks.

I've finally begun learning whole songs on the guitar. I have a problem with patience and therefore had up until this point been learning parts of many, many songs. I have also begun to sing although I ahve a strong nervous fear about doing so in front of anyone, so I am the only one who gets to hear my voice. I can play about 10 songs in full now, and sing 7 of them. Not bad considering I have just started trying to play entire songs.

My cousin has left to college. My friends have left also. I am left with almost no one familiar to me. An old high school friend has returned from Florida State University to help his mother with bills due to an unfortunate circumstance. I've remained sane through losing all of them, however by IMing them with AIM and seeing my cousin on weekends. She alternates from visiting here, or from myself and her boyfriend driving up to Buffalo.
Which brings up some things. I've been busy in Buffalo. I've managed to anger and attract some girls at the college. Apparently I'm more attractive in Buffalo, who knows. I think a major reason is the fact that I no longer meet new girls here. The only way I could would be through RIT, and yet there are a total of about 7 girls in my 4 classes. Computer Science is not the major to go into if you wannna find some chicks.

School itself is going fairly well. I bombed a CS test Tuesday, but apparently so did the majority of the class. We were thrown into a test taht asked questions of C++ specific syntax and compiler details which we hadn't discussed much. Not to mention we hadn't even really begun coding C++ in our labs yet. The language is entirely new to us, having gone through our first year learning with Java.

The game of Life has been going well for me lately. I'm happier than I can recall for a long time. I'm staying focused in school, I'm improving on guitar, and I have a possible relationship to look forward to. I'm beginning to feel more outgoing and no longer the dorky computer geek/ introvert. Its hard for me to shake the lingering remains of my early childhood and allow myself to realize who I am in the present. I am a competent, intelligent, responsible young guy and I'm beginning to feel at ease with it finally.

To life!