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Seems like everyone beat me to the log today....

I haven't noded at all, not even day logs since October. That's just not right. So here's a little wacky weekend recap of events.

My cousin goes to Buffalo State College, and her boyfriend lives here in Rochester. We've become pretty good friends, so when he visits for a weekend, I generally tag along. Apparently there's something in the water over in Buffalo. Girls like me - they really like me. I don't understand it. I might as well be a perverted homeless hobo here the way they look at me.

So I have a stalker in Buffalo, I have a sane girl who unfortunately may be getting back together with her ex, and then I have a psycho girl. The problem lies in the fact that I have some sort of odd attraction to psychotic girls. I can't help it. I talk to the sane one online every once in a while - the other girl has no computer (!) so I talk to her every once in a while when she hops on my cousin's computer or my cousin's roommate's. So anyways a while ago we agreed to be nice to one another (we had a very bad weekend one of the times I came up). And then I asked for her number, so I think she'd been expecting me to call. Last night I did. We talked for over an hour, which I'm afraid of because it's long distance and I have no clue what the bill will look like. My parents won't be too happy, but I'm obviously going to pay for it.

We talked about our weekends and stuff like that. After a while she mentioned something about wanting a boyfriend and I asked if I was on her list. She told me I fell into the category of guys who she likes but who don't want a girlfriend.... Hey! Whoa! Don't want a girlfriend? When did I say that?
I guess my cousin told her I didn't after the two of us, um... hooked up one weekend. I had never said it, though. I think my cousin's just trying to protect me because she knows I fall for the psychos. Anyways - so I told her she was mistaken. I think we'll keep in touch and I may go visit sometime soon - on a weekend or during finals week or break (I'm on an odd RIT time here).

Oh, I met a girl at RIT. She's in my CS class. I've never dated a girl like her. She's sweet, and nice, and innocent, and she likes computers - I mean she must, she's taking CS (one of about 10 girls in a major having 250 people), and she lives in the Computer Science House. I'm taking her out to a movie and dinner this Saturday. She really seems like a warm caring person, so I'm pretty happy about that....

School was going not so hot for a while. Bad grade on a CS test, missing a quiz and homework for Stats. But I've tried to turn it around and I did well on the second CS test, and I've aced my test and quizzes in Stats. I did a good job on the first CS project, too. Hopefully I'll end up with a 3.25+ GPA this trimester.