I seem to be one of the odd people amongst E2. I actually make a writeup for the day, at the end of the day. Most people seem to just ... well I dunno. Be ahead a day? Make a to-do list and then revise their entry at night? Who knows.

Another weekend spent at the lake. By 'the lake' I'm referring to Honeoye Lake. It's in the New York Finger Lakes region, but since it really isn't a lake when compared to a true definition, it's not really considered a Finger Lake.

My cousin had some members of his frat house down again. I don't mind since they're nice guys and don't get on anyone's nerves. This won't be the case this coming weekend. His sister (the one who just graduated) will be having her combined family/friends graduation party there. I know all of her girlfriends, but taken as a whole they are more annoying than licking a chalky gym floor entirely clean while listening to someone grate their nails across a blackboard. And as an added bonus, my ex will be there. Yay.

I finally got my hands on the library's copy of Cryptonomicon. Shows you that I'm only about a year behind the times. Anyways, I'm about halfway through it now, and I'm diggin' it.
It's also made me realize that I need to read more often. I don't know what it is about reading, but it's like a shockwave of creativity and energy hits my ole noggin' once I finally read. I believe this just further proves that deep down I am truly a geek. Something I'm proud of... at least most of the time.

I got some more sunburn. I don't actually tan. I don't have the genes for it. But I've been told by some girls that a healthy reddish-brown glow is better than my winter albino state, so I'm happy.

Lastly, I'd like to say that I had a near hallucination today. I was observing the scenery on the drive home and saw a fox dead on the shoulder of the country road. At the moment the car was parallel I swore I saw it growl and whip its tail back in an aggressive posture; feigning its own death by an elaborate plan - blood surrounding its mouth, laying on its side. It was all very tricky. Obviously the fox didn't do any of this. It was just the wind whipped its tail at the right moment and my mind took a small vacation into la-la-land dreaming this up. Kinda like when you go over train tracks and lose sight of the world for an instant seeing a massive train rip through the backseat of your car.
Ok, maybe thats just me who hallucinates these things.....