Here's a not so quick and dirty version of my weekend recap:


Acting on the tip I was given at one of the graduation parties I went to the previous weekend, I called up Jen (earlier in the week) and set myself up for a date on Friday. We were to see Nutty Professor 2, the 9:55 show. I didn't know her all too well, but I'm of the opinion that I'll always give someone a chance. I know how it feels when you like someone and they refuse to give you a chance so in response I'll always give a girl a chance. Tonight, I obviously shouldn't have. On the ride there I was in high spirits, but that wasn't going to last. She got angry at the person who pulled out in front of me (he had plenty of time) and told me how pedestrians at the theater parking lots pissed her off ("they're not invincible dammit, why do they act like they are?").
I tried talking to her and joking a lot, but obviously she wasn't diggin' my sense of humor.about half an hour into the movie I joked about finally get the armrest to myself (she was jokingly nudging my arm off during the movie). She gave me a glare and told me I was "a goofy kid," in the thats-not-a-good-thing tone of voice. So I figured I ought to just shut up. After the movie she noticed this and asked why I was suddenly quiet, I lied and told her I was just tired. I wanted ice cream to try and cheer me up so I gave her the chocie of restaurants. She chose Denny's because she wanted mozarella sticks. She again told me of something that pissed her off, one of the girls at the theater had called her friend a skank - but she was wearing clothes that Jen thought to be "skanky", so she was obviously unnerved by the name-calling. At this point I just didn't care.
We arrive at Denny's, she complains it's too cold. I offer my button up shirt (I had a T-shirt on underneath). She refused while she shook and her teeth chattered. I insisted, she still refused. Next my ice cream came first. Doing the polite thing I was going to wait for her food to come. She scolded me to eat, now (as her teeth chattered). So I ate. I really didn't want to talk so I stared into my ice cream as I ate it. I glanced up for a second and she told me I was getting her upset because I was "staring at her" now. The rest of the night was uneventful as I paid and took her home. She wins the title of worst date of my life.


I slept in and then drove to my cottage on Honeoye Lake. One of my cousins had to work a couple hours that night, so she left. Her brother was waiting for a phone call from Nicole to hook himself up with a date. She finally called the cottage, and so he was leaving to see her. Here's the catch. She doesn't trust herself with him. So she needs to have friends around. I was arranged as the requisite third wheel. Luckily she invited her friend (the girl who I actually have a crush on). We were to go to Putt-Putt. We got there and we were all having a good time, when all of a sudden there's his sister. She was gonna go to the local festival but decided to come join us. So now it was Nicole, myself, Jay (the male cousin), Leah (the female cousin), Sarah (the crush), Rick (Leah's boyfriend/friend of mine), Ian (Rick's neighbor/friend), and last but not least, Tiffany (friend of Sarah/Nicole/Leah). Phew. So there were a lot of us. We all played some miniature golf and generally enjoyed ourselves. Afterwards we played some of the games for tickets (I had won tokens for answering a trivia question). I ended up with $7.00 worth of tokens and spread the wealth with everyone. After we were done, I collected up the tickets pooled 'em together and let the kiddies all pick out an equal prize. Nicole really wanted the shiny dog stickers, so we all ended up with shiny dog stickers on our shirts. For reference, I got the blue one.
We went to Friendly's for some grub, and realized that I ahd an empty house and enough people for a party already. So we threw an impromptu party. Most of them had to leave around midnight, unfortunately. I showed off the Moonwalker emulation game on MAME for Sarah (I had told her about it and she'd been bugging me to see it for weeks). It made her night ;P
People drifted in and out, and the alcohol flowed. And the night wore on as we drunkenly played Smash Brothers. Tonight marks the first night I got trashed...


...And this morning is my first official hangover. Massive headache, sick to my stomach and just plain tired. Jay drove us back to the cottage (my car was left there so we'd have to go back). I was able to deceive the parents about the party and consequent hangover. But after sitting a few minutes I finally lost the battle with my stomach sickness and quickly walked to the bathroom, swalling down all the water that was filling my mouth in anticipation of the oncoming nauseous explosion. I threw up the only thing I had had that day - grape Kool Aid.
The day went by slowly as my head hurt and I felt bad. After a bit I practiced guitar for hours with Jay. We're actually getting rather good now. Had soem kielbasa for dinner, packed up, cleaned up, and drove home.

And that was my weekend.