I was suddenly conscious at the very furthest right cash register in the Toys R' Us across from the mall. I was looking around, and there was a large man working one of the registers, about two down to my left. I didn't really know what happened, it felt as if I had been knocked unconscious, and was trying to figure out how I got that way.

Suddenly a store manager walks briskly towards me, as the large man at the register is heard half yelling/half mumbling angrily. The store manager looks angry and tells "Wayne", the obese man to be quiet. The manager motions another man to come to him, as he begins to talk to me. I'm suddenly upset and angry. I explain myself to the manager. "He just started yelling at me and saying stuff about me, I don't know why. I wasn't gonna let him do that to me."

The other man, which the manager had motioned has now arrived. They discuss the situation. I overhear them saying that Scott (my ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend), is in the security room crying. He thinks that he'll be blamed for the incident and lose his job. (oddly enough he's actually a cop, not a lackey at Toys R' Us) The manager tells me that "this has happened before with Wayne, I'm sure you didn't cause this." He begins writing up what appears to be a Toys R' Us ticket. It has a blue thin plastic cover that displays $99.99, and opens up like a notepad. The tickets are colorful, and he begins writing out a bunch of them. He doesn't tell me, but I know it's some sort of fine, and that he's writing one out to me, and two out to Wayne. Wayne gets angry and loud, the manager begins writing another.

"What happens if I don't pay this?" I ask.

"Well just tell Hogan that it was Wayne, and they'll probably make an exception for you."
I immediately knew that Hogan was a company that handled these types of affairs. I also knew the entire name was Crane Hogan, a company that is serviced by my current place of employment in real life.
The man the manager had motioned to, opened the security door, and Scott was seen to be pouting like a baby, with my ex-girlfriend trying to console him. I was rather upset about all of this, and headed for the automatic sliding doors....

And I woke up.