<<                                           >>

I was the first to arrive at the restaurant. I parked my car up front right next to the entrance. I knew that I was the only one of my party there yet, so I decided to hang around the entrance of the place. After a little bit I started seeing people from high school, not old friends, but acquaintances. Being unsociable as I am, I only smiled, and walked back to my car.

I was looking at something inside the car when Brett, our class valedictorian came up and said, "Nice car. It's just like Justin's."

"Yeah, thanks," I replied. "No, seriously this isn't mine, I could never afford a Mustang."

As our conversation started I took a look at the car. I was sitting inside a beautiful Maroon/brown Mustang convertible with the top down. Only thing was it was the size of a go-kart. But no one mentioned that. I looked like I could be a character in Mario Kart, the way I was sitting on, rather than in, my miniature car.

I turned to Justin, a tall kid who played basketball and failed to graduate with us. He commented on my suit and asked to try it on. I obliged him. I was quite proud of my suit, it was all baby blue, with a yellowish-off-white shirt underneath. He was instantly dressed in it, and despite him being much taller the suit hung limp on him, as if it were many sizes too large.

I wasn't naked as you might think. I just so happened to have another suit on underneath. Black slacks, a nice white shirt and tie. Something a normal person would wear.

Neither of the two whom I was waiting for had arrived. I decided to hop out of my car and join the people I knew faintly from high school out in front of the doors. They were happy to see me, despite them never really knowing me when we were still in high school. They were gossipping about so and so, and I got rather bored. I anxiously surveyed the parking lot. As I did so, I noticed two things. One was that my buddy Shaun, one of the two people whom I had been waiting for, had pulled in. The other was that the restaurant was apparently running out of my old Catholic grade school, St. Pius X.

Shaun came and joined the group, but remained a little further away and behind me, seeing as how he's even less sociable than me.

The group started off towards their cars, and we followed. Justin hopped in a blue van (which looked absolutely nothing like my car) but kept the door open to talk, and all the guys hopped into the van. The girls were leaning on a car next to the van. Suddenly a white car pulled up, it was Seana, the person Shaun and I were waiting for. Apparently everyone knew this was important to me, because they quickly got buckled up and into the cars to leave.

But my suit! I told Justin and he lent me the suit back, minus the coat. Somehow he must have grabbed my keys, because he gave those back too.

I quickly dressed and met Seana halfway to the doors, she had the Nintendo with her, just as I hoped. I don't particularly know why I wanted it, but I was happy she had it. As the three of us walked towards the entrance...I woke up to my mother telling me that she was going to the dentist and then the store.