What a hot, humid day! Here in the woods where our camp on the lake is located, it can get very sticky and hot during the day. A swim sure feels good when you've been leaning over some nerd with braces in arts and crafts, just brushing your breasts against his shoulder enough to get a bit of a nervous rise out of him. This kid's name is Jonathan and he is so bashful and shaky. It is fun to play with him. The other day he ran outside the dining hall and threw up in the bushes after I stared at him while he was eating spaghetti and getting it all over his white shirt. Poor thing.

Nevermind goofy Jonathan, let me tell you about how hot it was today. I could not wait to get into the lake for a swim. The counselors get an "adult swim" time in the morning and afternoon in between teaching the nerds how to backstroke. I went skinny dipping with a couple of the male counselors and we played peek-a-boo under the water. It wasn't very clear, so we could only see shadows, but Brad was pretty slow about drying himself off once he got up on shore. He's a little too proud of his body for my tastes, so I went with Vinnie who is all into that rebel thing. He's got a motorcycle and he calls the president a dumbass every chance he gets. He is also an excellent kisser.

It was so hot in the arts and crafts cabin that my white t-shirt was drenched with perspiration. I don't smell when I sweat, I just get so damp and my clothes are always clinging to me. Luckily my natural feminine smells are all I give off. So, I went to the refrigerator and stood in front of the open door to cool off a little. Mike the maintenance guy was trying to fix the air flow. We don't have air conditioners but we do have some big fans. I turned around to yell at Mike and my nipples were pointing out, solid as a rock and fully extended. He took notice and got so flustered that he went outside the cabin and started running through the woods. I hope a bear doesn't eat him. I can have some fun with Mike this summer.

I'm in the emergency signal tower right now. I'm taking advantage of Mark, the guy who works in here, to use the computer. I just show him some leg in my shortest shorts and sit just right in the chair in front of the computer and he'll let me do anything. He stands there and salivates and says nothing but "yes" and "sure" to everything I see. It is so good to have this kind of power. I'm so glad I was born beautiful and sexy. I can get anything I want in life.

This Mark guy started telling me he knows stuff about the movies and that he can probably introduce me to some people who would hire me as an actress in a film. Imagine that, I could be a Sexy Actress. However, I think he either does documentaries or porn, and I'm not willing to do either of those. I would like to do light comedy or romance or maybe even be the hot sidekick of an action star. If I play my cards right I could do a nude scene with Vin Diesel. That would be cool. He definitely wouldn't throw up after seeing me eat a sausage sub. It is amazing how nervous guys get watching me eat a sausage sub in a lawn chair with my little camp shorts crawling all the way up and the juice from the peppers and onions dripping on me. There is always one guy who runs outside and throws up. Pathetic.

I have quite a few boyfriends back at college, where I am a Sexy Co-Ed. Some of them are higher on the food chain than others. Some I just use so they'll take tests for me and things like that. I have this one guy who goes and gets me lunch off-campus almost every day except when he has a mid-term or something. I love flirting and teasing my professors. I'm sure it helps my marks. I've only slept with one and it wasn't anything to write home about. Better just to leave them wanting.

When it comes to sex with guys, you have to know just where to draw the line. They can't be too excited and overwhelmed by my sexiness, otherwise they'll be done and wiped out in five minutes. I can do that to some guys just by walking past them the right way. You just know they are running back to their cabin to satisfy their urges. It is so sad in some ways, but also such a turn-on to know they will be imagining things involving you that will never happen. Sometimes I like to talk about having a regular boyfriend outside of camp that I'm on hiatus with to keep just the right flow of guys coming in my direction. One of the ways to tell is to go to the archery range here at camp and stand around being sexy while the youths are doing target practice. The ones that fire into the woods after seeing me are the ones not worth pursuing, but they will be the ones who are the most fun to toy with. Archery is a good gauge.

I think people who write things on the Internet are sexy. Sometimes when I'm just sitting around in a t-shirt and panties I'll just log on to the Internet and see what people are writing about. I want them to write about me and about how sexy I am and how much they desire me, so I have to get myself out there so that will happen. A guy who could reach me with words would be such a change of pace from these guys who try to charm me. I want older men to write poetry about me. I want them to write painful poetry that shows me how much they are falling apart inside because they can't have me because they are old.

I once had this pathetic, unemployed married guy following me around. He used to come up to the college and hang around and then start asking me to have coffee with him. He was like a sad puppy dog and would have done anything for me. He didn't have much money, on account of being unemployed, so I couldn't convince him to take me to Hawaii where I would have slept in the same room with him without doing anything except kissing him on the cheek and wearing very revealing nighties. He would have suffered on that trip, but unfortunately he didn't have the money.

My best subjects have always been English and Physical Education. I'm going to be studying towards a degree in Sports Medicine because I want to get paid for touching the muscular thighs of athletic men. I love to feel how they tense up at my touch. This will be a rewarding career and it will also help me keep this hot body of mine for as long as possible. I don't want to get old and wrinkly. Because of my best subjects, I know I will either end up with an athlete, who might turn abusive, or with some guy who writes things on the Internet, who would be very easily controlled, which is what I like. If you like to be controlled and you can write something sweet and tasty about me, I might be your girl. If you can only talk about Star Trek or Dungeons and Dragons don't bother. Also, I don't like worn out retread guys who wear shorts with dress socks and sandals, so if this is you, don't even bother. You won't make the cut. If you like crawling into a treehouse with a sexy camp counselor and a bottle of schnapps, now we're talking. You'll look better to me after a couple, believe me. My body is in such good shape I could take you around the world, sweetie.

I should probably get out of this tower and get back to my counselor duties before I am missed, but Mark has an air conditioner in the tower and it is so hot and humid inside. My little t-shirt is going to be soaked with sweat and it is going to be so uncomfortable to sit in my little camp shorts this afternoon. I hope there will be a cool breeze to cool me off when I'm feeling so hot sitting there in the woods surrounded by all those boys and men.

Be nice and think about me tonight. Okay, sweetie? It is going to be a humid night here in the woods where I'm sleeping alone tonight.