"A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it." - Agent K to James Edwards, Men in Black

It's easy to say "I will do this" or "My friends and I will do that" when it comes to organizing actions based on upon one's beliefs. What's much harder to do is to anticipate events and stir up the people at large, especially when one is talking about the people of the United States. Also consider that seeing as how the United States has a habit of super-sizing everything it gets its hands on (from jumbo toilet paper to sport-utility vehicles), it is feasible that any potential solution to the problem will be carried to an oversized extreme.

Suppose there was a general strike if elections were postponed. People stay home, stop going to work or school, and generally just exist. The idea is that we'd bring the nation (and eventually the world) to a screeching halt until elections are reinstated. This is, at best, a very short-term solution. Without work there will be no income for the people, and Americans get rather cranky when the cable TV and air conditioning stop, not to mention food and electricity. Americans who live paycheck to paycheck would not last long in a general strike. Add to this businesses who would begin firing absent employees and hiring those who would gladly work for the chance to earn money, thus defeating the strike's purpose in the first place. And what of general utilities and services? When the food runs out there will be no one to open the grocery stores. Power plants need staffing to continue cranking out power. If we all go on strike, we're going to wind up hungry and in the dark. Then comes the general panic and looting which leads to the declaration of martial law and the eventual riots of hungry, unwashed, naked people crowding the streets in a deperate attempt to find beef jerky and orange-flavored soda. Not to bring up the specter of the old cliche, but by disrupting our own way of life further we do the terrorists' work for them.

The difficult thing about civil unrest is that whatever we do to disrupt the system also disrupts our own lives. Also consider that some people will agree with the decision to delay the elections and due to humanity's adversarial nature they will make life as difficult as they can for those on strike. For every person who lashes out in anger against the current administration, there is another who demands that we follow the president's lead no matter what because it is our duty as Americans. Friendly political debates turn into serious heated conflicts. Eventually the news stories begin to break that one man shot another due to a conflict of opinion. Brother turns against brother and another civil war breaks out. Once the smoke clears and the bodies are carted away the underlying problem is no closer to being solved. Once again this is what the terrorist factions want: the United divided.

So what can be done? What is there to do? The best course of action would be for the elections to occur as scheduled, but in the event they do not we must not take to the streets with weapons or horde bags of rice and beans. Go to work, go to class, and stay informed. Watch the news, read news websites (both domestic and international), and discuss what you read without raising a weapon. Write letters to the media and your congressional representatives. Flood your local election commissions with phone calls and e-mails demanding the reinstatement of elections. Follow the daily events so that when it comes time to vote you're educated enough to vote for who you believe in and not who the campaign commercials tell you to believe.