The title of the "Weird Al" Yankovic movie UHF in the foreign markets. As told by Al on the UHF DVD, the studio heads at Orion Pictures felt that nobody outside of the USA would have any idea exactly what the term UHF meant so they came to Al and asked what they should call it overseas.

Al thought it over and said "Well, how about 'The Vidiot'" and the executive said "Yeah, 'The Vidiot From UHF'! That's funny!" Al couldn't understand it. First of all, he felt the new title was glaringly unfunny. Secondly, if the term "UHF" meant nothing overseas, then why did the new title have to have UHF in it? "Well, we have to connect it to the American title somehow or else it won't make sense," the executive said.

As an added footnote, the advertising for the Vidiot version of the title is available on the UHF DVD.