Here's a little something from the Unfair Department...

Next weekend I'll be flying to Maine to give the keynote speech at a chronic illness conference. This has been in the works for over a year now, and next weekend it will finally all come together. I leave next Friday and fly back on Sunday.

In addition to being a motivational speaker I'm also a college student. Today my Spanish professor announces a quiz for next Friday - the day I'll be flying to Maine, and therefore won't be in class. After class I explain the situation and the professor tells me there's no make-ups on quizzes. This is not her policy, but that of the Spanish Department and she has to enforce it.

While I understand and agree with the policy, I strongly believe that the rule is designed to keep students from cutting class to go to the beach or staying home to sleep. Shouldn't there be an exception for those of us with legitimate absences, such as being on the lecture circuit?

Maybe I should bring in the poster for the conference with my picture on it as proof that I'm really going to Maine and not planning a drinking binge for that day.

My first daylog - be kind