Fashion trends come and go around here at my university. What's "in" one week is "out" the next week. A few weeks ago the trend was for females to wear their pants so low that if they were any lower, they'd be making a very different kind of fashion statement (if you know what I mean). It would seem that breasts were "in" this week. All week long I've seen an inordinate number of girls walking around wearing thin tank-tops, t-shirts, & other flimsy torso garments, and none of them were making use of the appropriate undergarments. I don't know what force starts these fashion trends, but I do know what stops them: weather.

Yes, the campus was reaching critical mass on the "I can see her nipples" scale this week until a surprise rainstorm sprang up overhead on Thursday afternoon. The rainy season is over here, so hardly anyone had an umbrella... meaning that, all of a sudden, all of these fashionable girls with their fashionable breasts were dressed in fashionable wet t-shirts.

As I walked though campus today I saw that all the fashionable girls were now well covered in the breasticological region. Funny how a little water changes everything.