In my last daylog I wrote about my Crohn's Disease flare-up and how it was slowing me down. Here we are a week later and I am no better. I have not eaten in thirteen days. I spend most of my time in bed sleeping. Last week I only made it to work for seven hours over the course of three days and didn't go to a single class. I've been e-mailing my homework in to professors.

I've had two stories due for classes in the past two days, one fiction and one nonfiction. I wrote these while I was medicated with my painkillers. Surprisingly, I think the works turned out pretty well for me being so completely out of it. I'd like to thank NinjaPenguin for proofreading my work and making sure it makes sense to people who are not medicated.

Hopefully in the coming days my health will improve. I could wake up tomorrow feeling perfectly fine, or this flare-up could last for weeks. In 1996 I spent three months in this condition.

To all of you out there reading this, I implore you: go out and do something. Hang out with friends. Eat a really good sandwich. Go to work. Attend your classes. Do all the things I have difficulty doing or just can't do right now. You do those things for me, and I'll lay in bed and watch reruns of Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Conan O'Brien for you. That sounds like a fair deal, right?