If you've been following my past daylogs you'll remember my ongoing fight with my Crohn's Disease. Today is Day 19 of my all-liquid diet, but hopefully there's hope ahead. I've been able to go back to work and some of my classes, and the material that I've missed can be made up at my leisure for the most part. One professor actually set a due date of "whenever" for two programming assignments. I love flexibility like that; now I can concentrate on resting and hopefully being able to eat a scambled egg this weekend.

While I was out picking up my pain pills I did my American duty and voted. This was my second time voting and was proud to mark my choice for governor, Congressmen, and state constitutional amendments, specifically since some of the campaign promises made by some of the candidates would cut funding to my division at work (I work for the government), which might put my job in danger. Hopefully that candidate won't become our next governor and my job will be safe.

My pills are kicking in now, so I should end this before my writing makes no sense. Be sure to eat your votes and go out and egg today.