I've come to say farewell to my loyal pet betta fish, Bender. Bender was a truly special fish who passed away far before his time. While some people will argue that fish have no awareness of the world outside of the tank, I believe that Bender was different. He would float for hours and watch me sit at the computer as I played games and wrote nodes. He would do aquatic flips and twirls when I returned home at the end of the day and he caught sight of me coming into the room. And now he rests, motionless, at the bottom of the tank.

It's unrealistic to believe a fish will live as long as most other pets do. Nevertheless, I came to expect Bender would just always be there, providing some color and life to my computer desk/shelf unit. Now his spirit swims free. Goodbye, fishy friend. Peace to you in the great beyond.

Note to self: never allow my grandmother to help out by cleaning the fish tank in the future. Despite being told how to clean the tank, she came up with her own way that resulted in mold growing undetected in the bottom of the tank, leading to death in the water.