This will not end well...

I have new neighbors living in the apartment below mine. They just moved in yesterday. It's two college guys, which means that eventually each and every one of their friends will wind up crashing there eventually like some kind of revolving door flophouse. It happened with the last college people living downstairs. I'm a college guy, and I like music as much as the next guy, but I have to say that I don't like having college people for neighbors. And ya wanna know why?


The last set of neighbors down there were eventually tossed out because of their insistance on playing loud music and holding massive parties several nights a week. Their little place was crammed to capacity. They lasted all of five months. In fact, it's because of them that my complex has a zero tolerance noise policy, seeing as they were warned time and time again.

I had a neighbor who lived across from me for roughly a year once. I never really saw the guy and his girlfriend, although I heard them a lot. They had a thing for loud bass music. All day long, all night long... BOOM BADA BOOM BADA BOOM BOOM BOOM!. Walking by their door on the way to mind the smell of an illegal substance clouding up in the walkway. They too were sent packing.

Their replacement was, I think, a dog. I never saw an actual human coming in or out of that apartment. Just a big angry dog. The door would open, a dog would come out and go downstairs, and then the door would close. Sometime later the dog would return, paw at the door, it would open, the dog would enter, and the door would close again. I did see a number of people who would knock on that door, causing the door to open a crack. A bag would be passed inside. Another bag would be sent out by an unseen hand. Then the door would close and the person would scamper away. Gee, I wonder what was going on there? One time one of the dog's visitors came to my door instead and, when his knock when unanswered (you think I'm opening the door to an unknown scuzzy-looking guy?), he tried to open my door. He refused to leave, he just continued knocking and turning the knob. It took a call to the security office to get them to escort the guy away. The dog (and, presumeably, a human) were sent packing two months ago. I don't think anyone is living there now, although I did see the door suddenly open and close two weeks ago.

Well, now back to my new neighbors down below. This is their second night in that apartment and already they're playing music loud enough to vibrate my floor. If past history has taught me anything, they won't be around for very long at this rate.