Mega Man 3 for the Nintendo Game Boy begins with Dr. Wily being spotting drilling for oil and other natural resources out in the middle of the ocean. Mega Man is dispatched to see what the doctor's up to and put a stop to his evil deeds once again. This is the third Game Boy adventure for Mega Man, and this time around Capcom raised the bar on difficulty. Released in 1992, the game combines elements of Mega Man 3 and Mega Man 4 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Rush the robo-dog is present in his springboard and jet forms, as is Mega Man's slide maneuver. Also present are the ever-popular robot masters: Every Mega Man Game Boy game features a new Dr. Wily robot creation, and this time Punk, a spiked minion, is around to cause trouble. Three hits from him and Mega Man is off to the scrap heap. Passwords once again record progress just in case that happens.

This is a rare title as it was released in limited quantities back in its heyday and was never rereleased, so finding it in retail stores today is bound to be a challenge. You're better off picking up the 2004 Game Boy Advance anthology of Mega Man's Game Boy adventures, Mega Man Mania.