Let us not forget Mega Man 2 for the Nintendo Game Boy. Released by Capcom in 1992, this was Mega Man's second adventure on the portable gaming system. In this installment Dr. Wily has traveled back in time and brought eight of his past robot masters from Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3 for the Nintendo Entertainment System to the present to destroy Mega Man. Naturally this gives Capcom a reason/excuse to reuse existing graphics and sounds, as the game plays much like its NES cousins with the exception that this Game Boy title "features" such a small screen space. The robot masters in the game include... There is also a new Dr. Wily robot creation: Quint, a humanoid robot that attacks with his Sakugarne (a pogo stick). Defeating Quint earns Mega Man the Sakugarne. In addition to the pogo stick Mega Man can call upon his robot dog, Rush, and use him as a springboard, submarine, or jetboard. These items are required in some parts of the game if you'd like to retrieve an energy boost or weapon refill. The first eight levels of the game take place in renditions of previously seen levels while the final three take place in Dr. Wily's fortress and a time warp. There's no need to worry about tackling the game in one sitting because the game supplies passwords after each level.

The game plays like a NES game in monochromatic format, albeit the control can be a little loose at times. The game was rereleased in the late 1990s, so copies of it should still be floating around in stores that still sell "plain" old Game Boy games. Aside from that you can pick up the 2004 anthology collection of Game Boy games ported to the Game Boy Advance, Mega Man Mania.