Today's lesson is: Exploring the Male Thought Process.

I was out at the mall today doing some shopping for redecorating my apartment. It's time to add some new things and discard the old; the place is still basically the same as when I moved in five years ago. I bought some new towels and finally found a cabinet to store my computer accessories, but what I was really looking for was something to place next to the television in the bedroom. It's a 13" TV placed atop the bookcase and there's room there to put something else next to it. I wanted something to fit that space for around $30-$50, but nothing I saw jumped out at me. That's when I got to thinking...

"Hmm... I could just get a larger TV to fill the entire casetop... but I want to get a bigger TV for the living room eventually, and put the current living room TV in the bedroom... so I could just go on and get a bigger TV for the living room now..."

See how quickly these things snowball? I pulled back from buying a $400+ television and left the space empty. I'll find something to fill it eventually.