Following up from what I said on Monday, I heard from my doctor yesterday. I have an appointment in Tampa with my new surgeon on March 31st. All sorts of questions will be answered then, and sometime in the next two weeks they'll be sending me an info packet with details about the surgery I need. This week as been a poor week health-wise; I've spent the past 4 days in bed whereas in the past weeks I've usually been able to go to work. Something clogged up my intestines again, making the pain worse than it has been. It's been so bad that I've been unable to sleep through the night, so I sleep about 30 minutes and then wake up for another 40. I've been watching a lot of DVDs since I fixed my computer's DVD player last week. Because of the weird sleep pattern it feels like the past 4 days have been one very long day. It all blends together.

Bright note: NinjaPenguin and Skweejeepusher came by this evening to hang out for a bit. We watched a DVD of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and played some Sonic Mega Collection. A good time was had by all.