I saw my doctor today and it's now official: I need surgery. I'm being referred to a surgeon in Tampa, FL for this. Consultations and scheduling yet to come. I found out that I have two majorly gnarled and closed-off portions of intestine. One is 16cm in size and the other is 10cm. No wonder I'm having such problems. At least now that I've dropped a class I can get a little more rest and a little less stress.

Today is also my 22nd birthday. Great gifts yet to come as the things I'm getting haven't been shipped by Amazon.com yet. I hear I'm in line for some Futurama DVDs. Scribe sent me a neat Blinky the 3-eyed fish for by my computer desk and a decorative joystick sticker for the fridge. My coworkers, in lieu of an office party with cake I couldn't eat, just gave me the party fund cash instead and told me to go celebrate on my own with something. I think a visit to Best Buy is in my future.