My father's coming into town today. He's mainly coming to go with me to my consultation with the surgeon on Monday, but he's coming in a early so we have time to hang out and do something. We're going to see Bringing Down The House at some point, and I'm sure we'll watch The Simpsons like we always do when we get together. My parents moved to Omaha, NE past year, and before that they lived in Illiois for 2 years. Meanwhile, I've been in my apartment since 1999. Because of the long distances I only get to see them for a week in the summer and two weeks in December, so it'll be good to have him here for a few days.

As for the consultation, I have a list of questions to ask and hopefully won't go totally numb when I hear them. I'm still not looking forward to being sliced open, but it's a better alternative than wasting away to nothing in bed. My illness problems have grown worse, and now it's getting hard to keep down liquids. I've been basically in bed since Wednesday of last week. I've been thinking about all the things I'm going to eat when I am able to digest food again. I've thought about using steak meat for a pizza topping, among other things. I know I shouldn't be thinking about food right now, but the commercials on television just make it so hard; especially Checkers and their "You gotta eat" campaign.

Ah, the pain pills are kicking in. Time to go back to bed.