Today is my E2nniversary; I've been here for exactly one year now. In that time I've written 567 writeups (well, more than that if one counts nodes that were visited by Klaproth), amassed over 7300 XP, reached Level 7, and have gotten to know a number of good people. I first came to E2 back in September 2001 when I was looking for information on a topic - I've long forgotten what I was looking for - when I began following the softlinks from node to node. Initially I just read my way around the database until June 2002 when I came across a then-pathetic node about Night Court. "I know more about this than what's written here," I thought, so I created an account and proceeded to make all the classic newbie mistakes. My first few writeups were crap, I lashed out at seemingly endless criticism, and so forth. After a few days and some thought I began to figure out what this place is all about and I haven't looked back.

I've always been a fountain of seemingly useless information and trivia. I spent my youth in pursuit of video games, and as such I've retained an enourmous amount of information on the exploits of Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and other classic characters, so I know that shows in my noding style. Heck, I bet that over 75% of my work here is game related. I tend to shy away from noding poetry and fiction - I've only written one piece of original fiction for E2, an entry called "Saved To Memory" - and I prefer writing about factual entertainment topics. Hopefully you've read some of my work over the past year and smiled. If you learned something, then that's even better.

Thanks for a great year, E2. Here's hoping for many more.