After what happened yesterday I've decided that nothing is ever allowed to break again. Ever.

You see, it all began when my shower faucet began dripping. After about a week the drip turned into a constant mini-waterfall, and no matter how I turned the nozzle the faucet wouldn't stop dripping. I called the maintenance team at the apartment. They shut off the water. That's when the fun began. While disassembling the faucet part of the assembly broke off. Therefore, in order to get to the pipe and such the repair guys had to cut a large hole in my closet wall (adjacent to the shower) and access the pipes from behind. After a trip to Home Depot they hooked up my new faucet and turned it on for a test run.

Let me tell you that one of the worst sounds in the world is the sound of water pwooshing out of the wall followed by a repair guy saying "Fuck." It turns out they'd accidentially connected the pipe to an old water line and now, whenever the shower is on, water shoots out from the wall behind the toilet. So now we have about a half inch layer of water on my bathroom floor which combined with the dirt on the repair guy's shoes, leading to muddy footprints on my carpet. After fixing the pipe errors it all works again, thank goodness.

  • Total repair time: five hours.
  • Damage total: muddy carpet, muddy wet bathroom floor, and a bathtub full of drywall dust and corrosion residue. The contents of my closet are stacked up in my bedroom in a temporary merging of the contents of both rooms.
The wall repair guys are coming today and the carpet cleaners are coming tomorrow. I can't wait to see what happens next.