So here I am at the end of my first week of full time employment. For nearly five years I've worked part time at my university as a web designer and general computer guy, but near the end of last year I was offered a promotion to a full time position with benefits, insurance, and all those goodies. Now I'm a Computer Support Analyst with my own key to the building, name on the door (well, office wall; we have no doors in this part of the building but yet we're not cubicles either), phone extension with voice mail, and other fun things. I work my eight hours a day and go to college class during my lunch break. I'm enjoying this 100%, although after spending three weeks on vacation doing pretty much nothing, I'm very tired at this point. The weekend cannot come fast enough for me today. Aside from that I love working full time; spending my days creating web content and getting paid a pretty penny for it has been my goal for nearly a decade.

Here's hoping the weeks ahead are as nice as this one has been.