The first week of the Spring 2003 semester at my college is over now and I think it'll be a good term. I have four classes; two challenging and two that are not. The jury is still out about the quality of my professors - it's too early for me to form opinions about any of them - but one particular instructor instills me with a lot of confidence.

This particular class has only met twice so far. On the first day the professor was making an example about supply and demand and said that she spent the morning of December 7, 1992 standing in line to buy a Nintendo 64. Nice story, but it can't be true because the Nintendo 64 wasn't released until 1996. She also couldn't be talking about the Super NES because that was released in 1991. Now of course this date error is trivial and doesn't effect the point of her example, but if this example was minorly flawed, who's to say future ones won't be as well? How do I know this professor is a capable professional? Perhaps her entire lecture is loaded with gaffes and glitches! Ah, but I tell myself I am nitpicking, set aside the error, and focus on the rest of the lecture.

On the second day of the class the professor took her floppy disk full of Powerpoint slides and crammed it into the CD-ROM drive, having mistaken it for the actual floppy drive. It's going to be a long semester.