I went for my small bowel follow-through this morning. I drank the two cups of barium and let the techs do their thing, only to find out I had to drink a third cup of the white horror. So after all was said and done the doctor on call looked at my inner workings and proclaimed that I either had a lot of
a) strictures
b) inflamation
c) empty parts of intestine
Well, we can eliminate b because my SED rate (a number that determines how active my illness is) is normal (meaning there's no inflamation going on right now) and c because if those places were just casually empty, why have I been hurting so much so often for the past two months?

I'll see my doctor later in the week to get the official results. Hopefully he'll have some good news for me.

In related news, over the weekend the Compazine nausea pills caused a nasty side effect. My left hand crampted, twisted, and contorted into a claw for most of the evening. I called my doctor today and he told me to quit taking it and he prescribed something else for me. I can pick it up tomorrow.