I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has /msged me in the past day with well-wishes and support. I appreciate the outpouring of support and cannot express how great it is to know I have so many friends and supporters among E2. Some of you even offered to pitch in with my homework! If you know how to calculate Mutual Information in the field of Information Theory, let me know ;-) . Some people have asked about next week's medical test. It's a small bowel follow-through in which I'll drink several cups of barium and then will be x-rayed over the course of several hours as it moves through my digestive tract. This will take several hours. In 1994 it took six hours to complete, in 1996 it took sixteen because my bowels were completely swollen shut. In 2001 it only took four hours, however, so I'm hoping it'll only take about as long this time. The surgery that I mentioned is a stricturoplasty in which surgeons will slice into specific places in my intestine and squeeze the closed areas open. Hopefully they won't have to remove anything. Healing time for this procedure is four to six months.

I also thought I'd post a little update on how I'm doing. I got my new nausea medicine, Compazine, and it works wonders although it puts me to sleep for a few hours. Combined with my pain medicine I'm feeling a little better. Unfortunately because both of these send me to bed, I can't go to work or class. It's another day at home in bed for me, which in the long run is probably for the best. And speaking of bed, it's time to go there now. G'night, E2.