Those who have been following my past daylogs know of my ongoing dealings with Crohn's Disease. I've been dealing with a flare-up of the condition since January, and it's really slowed me down. I spend more time in bed than I do in class or at work (some will argue that, as a college student, this should be the norm). In the past week things have taken another downturn: nonstop nausea. My medication doesn't put a dent in it, so yesterday I saw my doctor again.

He's prescribed some new nausea medication (that will put me to sleep - looks like its back to bed for me) and then next week I must go into the hospital for some tests, and depending on the outcome of that there may be surgery in my future to slice and squeeze open the damaged and narrowed portions of intestine.

I'm not normally one to ask for prayers and such, but if you have a spare moment this week, think a happy thought for me. Or you can do some of the homework that's stacking up on my table. That'd be even better.