Ah yes, the glorious Everything2 has returned. Everyone needs a vacation and I guess that includes the database. For as long as it had been gone though I half expected to hear that it diverted from its travel plans and hopped a plane to South America and one night one of my writeups would call and ask for airfare home. But no matter, it's returned to us and it's time to get back into the noding game.

But first I have some news to share: I've been promoted at my job. For the past four years I've been working at my college as a web designer, but during the E2 hiatus I was offered full time work at the same office. I essentially do the same job as I always have plus a few extra duties, only now full time with a 40% pay raise, benefits, paid vacation days, and all those nice goodies. The position begins on January 5, right after I get back from my vacation to see my family for the holidays. I'll work by day and take classes in the late afternoons, continuing my degree program.

Now then, back to the node mines. I have much to share and much more to read.