I fed my inner seven-year-old this evening. I was driving home and had to take a detour due to a car accident on my usual route home, and as I was driving along the detour I came across something I hadn't seen in years, a place that in my youth was my favorite fast food place to eat: Cap'n D's Seafood. When I was a kid I loved fried seafood. Fried fish, fried shrimp, fried clams, etc. Somewhere around 1991 or so the only Cap'n D's in my hometown closed down and was replaced by a dermatologist's office (and they kept the nautical food theme for some reason). Then my illness hit me and fried foods were out, so figure that it's been at least ten years (probably more though) since I ate fried seafood from Cap'n D's. And tonight I came across one, the first and only one I'd seen since the old one closed down. I had to stop.

The place was just like I remembered it even though it was a different physical location. I'm serious; the decor and feel of the place hadn't changed since the 1980s. In fact, if I'd have stepped back outside and found that it was 1988 again, I wouldn't have been surprised. After reading over the menu I decided I had to go with my old favorite, the fish n' fries basket with hush puppies. The portions seem a little smaller to me now, but the taste is just as I remember it. The fries were a little soggy, the fish was crunchy, and the hush puppies had just the faint taste of garlic in them. Delicious! It's amazing how something as simple as fast food fish can fill the soul as well as the stomach.